Coffee Chat

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Between the back to back three day weekends and being out of work a day to partake in the sickness that has been traveling around from all of our family and friends, I feel like the year is already flying by. And also like I can't keep track of what day it is which explains why I was running the trash to the street in my robe this morning (oops). I hope I'm not alone!

If we were having coffee, here's a few things I'd share...

I'd start with asking if you use a coffee press to make your coffee? I received one as a Christmas gift and feel like we have really been missing out! The mundane routine of making coffee now feels like a treat every morning and you really can't beat the taste. It's been fun venturing out to find new coffees to try too!

How excited I am to be blogging again. I can't believe the number of people that have asked me about my blog recently. It makes me nervous/anxious/embarrassed/proud/excited all at the same time! For me, I feel like my space is nothing special and since I read a lot of other blogs, I find myself comparing it to theirs. We all know comparison can be the thief of joy so I am trying to remember that this space is unique to me and the reason I am doing it anyways. Not to mention, some of my most favorite bloggers are the ones whose blogs show glimpses of reality and share their stories!

That I've learned I am the type of person that always has to have a project going on and in all honestly, it is usually more than one at a time. Sometimes they get finished, sometimes they don't. I am working on finishing one before starting another otherwise it can be overwhelming and come to think of it, is probably the reason half the things I start never get finished.

Speaking of projects, we bought a used trailer so I am looking forward to lots of DIY projects and restoring it to it's former glory. More to come on that, but in the meantime send me all your favorite camping spots!

I just went to the grocery store today in I don't know how long. Dinner was looking a lot like an episode of Chopped as we tried to clean out our fridge and pantry. The upside to this is it always forces me to be more creative and sometimes I come up with some pretty good dinners. Of course then I can never remake it the same again, lol. 

I need travel recommendations! I really want to plan a getaway for just Ryan and I this year, preferably without going out of the country. We are usually the tropical beach go-ers, but I kinda' want us to try something new! 

I hope you had a great week, friends!

December Recap: Part 1

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The holidays may have come and gone and although some people are eager to move on and start the New Year fresh, I am still trying to savor every little bit of the magic that Christmas and the holidays bring. I am still working on packing up the last bit of decorations, but before I do, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on the month of December and some of the festivities. Looking back there was quite a bit going on, so I'll be breaking this into two posts!

Annual Christmas Tree Cutting
It's been an unusual year (again) with weather and we have barely gotten any snow. This meant we were able to get up to a higher elevation and into prime tree cutting territory. She's a beaut, Clark!

Wrapped Up Fall Bocce League
The Royal B-occe's Finished another solid Bocce League season smack dab in the middle haha. That's an improvement from the very bottom though!

Weekend Getaway
We took a quick trip to see Ryan's family in Marin and do some early shopping! We stayed at the same place where he proposed to me so it was certainly a trip down memory lane.

Annual Wreath Making Party

Taylor Dayne Concert with the Gals
My sister and I were raised listening to Taylor Dayne, Wilson Phillips, and a few others so when we heard she was coming to town, I planned a gals night in a VIP room for us to watch her perform! It was such a fun night and she sounded great. I'll never forget her leaning down to my Mom who was waving her hands in the air and singing and then handing my mom the mic! And we even got a picture with her at the end!

Work Christmas Party

Closing a Chapter
December was also the month that I made the tough decision to leave my part-time position as a Stitch Fix Stylist. It was so fun working for this company, but it was really tough to do while also maintaining my full-time job. It was an exciting venture that I decided to try and I was proud of myself for giving it a go, but ultimately, I couldn't pull off both and still feel like I had a life outside of working, lol. I was glad I was able to attend the holiday party with a local friend and fellow stylist before having to say goodbye!

Mailed Christmas Cards
One of my favorite things of all time is sending and receiving cards via snail mail so it's no surprise sending Christmas cards is one thing I look forward to every year!

Annddddd, we're not even halfway through the month. Sometimes it doesn't seem like I have that much going on and then I scroll back and it's no wonder I don't have time to blog, lol! Check back for Part 2 of the Christmas festivities!

My Office: Inspiration & Plans

Thursday, January 4, 2018

We kicked off the New Year with a bang and decided together that we would start utilizing the spare room in our house. Our plan/dream has always been that it would eventually become a nursery and filled with children, but we have lived here over 3 years and since that hasn't happened for us, it was time we turned it into something we actually could use (rather than a place to store a bunch of unused junk.) The room we were using was a mixed room of sorts combining an office, crafting and party planning room with all of my hubby's hunting, fishing and man cave belongings and it was becoming an unorganized mess.

I know it's the age old New Year's resolution to become more organized at the start of the year, but over the past couple months I have had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to purge all of the things and have been working towards this. I guess I tend to hoard things, but mainly things I see having some sort of sentimental value Or also that I think I will someday have a use for, or can make into something...someday, haha! Truth is it was beginning to feel like all of these things filling our home weren't US, weren't even being used,  and every time we wanted to find something it was nearly impossible or we had to sort through some half organized closet until becoming beyond frustrated and giving up. It was time to say goodbye to things that were weighing us down!

Luckily, my cousins were around to help me out with some inspiration over the weekend and we ventured out New Year's Day to find a few things to start the design process. World Market has always been a favorite store of mine and it was where I found this framed canvas that inspired the rest of the room. I love the calming feeling it gives off not to mention the perfect touch of coral and girly it adds to the space. I had some shopper rewards coupons to use and snagged this knock off Pottery Barn chair on sale as well! I also hit up Rugs USA 50% off & free shipping sale for the rug. I had the table, which I found on MAJOR sale last year at World Market. It's actually supposed to be a dining table, but it works great as a work space or craft room table! I have to say, if there's one thing I pride myself on, it's that I rarely pay full price for anything! I scour sales, coupons, and cash back sites first and I recommend if you're in the market for any big ticket items, you do too! Right now lots of places are cleaning out inventory and things are on major sale!

I am so excited to reveal the completed room as soon as it's finished up! I can't believe it's taken me this long to make myself an office. Here's to having a dedicated space for future party planning, blogging and creative projects to take place in!

A few things I am hoping to get done this weekend:

> Paint the room 
> Move existing bench into closet for added craft storage
> Print & hang photos
> Add a snake plant
> DIY Inspiration/Memo Board