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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The weather in Northern California has been far from "fall" lately. I guess high eighties counts as a cool down when temps are usually over 100...

Moving on. I wouldn't consider myself that stylish, and I sometimes wish I could pull off certain trends, but I just can't. It's fun to look though! Anyways, I went ahead and did a round up of things I currently have and like or that I've got my eye on lately when it comes to fall fashion. Most of them come from my favorite (and affordable) store, you'll never guess.

I'll give you a hint, it starts with a T.

I am all about that accessory game and have never felt complete leaving the house without a little jewelry. This statement necklace is so perfect to dress up or down! I love the sparkle and neutral colors mixed with a pop of blue. But I am also loving the tassel and leather, fringe trend! I love necklaces.

Here's a cute pheasant style dress option that would look cute paired with some booties.

I got these leopard flats last year and they are my go-to flats when I am wearing something simple and want to pull it altogether. I've seen lots of other's similar, but at $14.99, they're so affordable and adorable. Or there's this high heel option if that's more your style. BOOM.

The blanket scarf trend has definetly caught some momentum. I saw them around last year, but now that plaid is ALL the rage, I have seen a lot more options. I saw one I loved when I was visiting Texas and now I have buyers remorse I didn't pick it up. I decided this would be a fun one to try! I couldn't resist the red and white plaid.

I bought this jacket recently and think it's the most comfortable and flattering jacket and I love the olive color. It looks like it's on sale right now too. Lucky! Ryan calls it my army jacket and jokingly salutes me when I wear it, so there's that.

Um...this hat? Gotta have it. Christmas tree cutting this year hopefully in snow...so yeah, it's a need right? Also, I don't know what it is about hats because I rarely feel like I have anywhere to wear them too, but these floppy hats are so cute too!
What is your favorite fall trend right now? Is there something I am missing out on? Do share!

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