That time at Hobby Lobby..

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ok, so hands down one of my all-time favorite stores is Hobby Lobby. 

It's probably a good thing that the closest store is give or take 2 hours away. When I do go to one, I need a little time. I once spent three hours in there with my cousin. We still weren't ready to leave but had other stuff to do that day so had to.

It's now at the top of our list to go to when I visit (aside from Target and Home Goods.) So when I drove up to see her this weekend, we had to go. We made a deal we wouldn't be in there for three hours this time. Maybe two but definitely not three. Who does that? We had other stores to see!
While strolling the aisles, I saw this print and realized it sounded a lot like me. Here's basically what it read:

I love sunshine.
I love cupcakes.
I love twinkle lights.
I love holidays.
I love fresh flowers.
I love sweet tea.
I love rainbow sprinkles.
I love quiet afternoons.
I love holding your hand.
I love milkshakes.
I love birthday cards.
I love rainboots.
I love handwritten letters.
I love used books.
I love campfire stories.
I love long telephone calls.
And then it hit me. Life isn't all that complicated, or it doesn't have to be at least. But why oh why do we make it that way? (Or is this just me?)

DO YOU and what makes YOU HAPPY! That's it. It's so easy to get caught up in the bad of the world, but really, it can be as simple as this. Who knew something as simple as this little print could be so profound.

With that being said, can someone pass me a cupcake? K thanks.

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