B O O! We'll Miss You Party & Halloween 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I realize I'm a little late on getting this year's Halloween festivities documented, but sometimes life happens, so here goes!
This year's Halloween was definitely one for the books! Our house was basically full from Friday night until Sunday and I could not have been happier about it. Cousins, parents, family, friends and neighbors stopped by and I loved every minute of it. I normally have our costumes planned for weeks ahead of time and we have big plans to attend a Halloween Party, but this year we decided to stay home and I think it will be our new tradition. I didn't plan on dressing up this year, but at the last minute had a change of heart. At about 1 o'clock on Saturday while shopping in Target, I spotted a cute faux fur vest and thought I could justify buying it if I at least used it to dress up with. I quickly googled some makeup ideas and came up with a last minute owl inspired costume!

We kicked off the Halloween festivities on Friday night by carving our pumpkins. My cousins were coming to town for the weekend so I couldn't fathom not decorating or getting festive. Since my cousin is getting deployed soon, I was hoping to surprise him with a little send off since I wasn't sure we would get another chance to visit before he left.

Even though it was mostly Halloween themed, I came up with the idea of "Boo, We'll Miss You!" I had gotten some BOO balloons and made a sign that said, "We'll Miss You." Then we had an American themed cake made for him to celebrate adorned with honor, independence, and 'merica. So proud of you Jam!

Here are a few pictures of the details from our weekend!
Saturday the guys went bowling ALL DAY while the girls shopped! When we got home, we all got ready together and of course started the evening off with some festive apple cider drinks! My Mom made a huge lasagna and lots of friends dropped in with their trick-or-treaters and said hi and visited! It was one big open house. We even brought the block rocker outside on the front porch at one point and had a dance party.

Now onto the next Fall Celebration!

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