Easy DIY ways to Fall-ify your Home

Monday, November 16, 2015

With Thanksgiving coming up in a couple of weeks, I spent the weekend getting our house ready for our guests and the festivities. 
Here are 5 simple ways to get your house into fall shape and as I like to say, Fall-ified. 
Yeah, I said it.
1| Festive Chalkboard
You can easily create a chalkboard out of almost anything these days! There are lots of sayings and ideas around the internet for inspiration on what to write. We have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen and I updated ours this weekend for Thanksgiving with a cute saying.
2| Display Seasonal Fruit & Gourds
I was given a bunch of pomegranates and thought they would make a beautiful display. So I whipped out my trifle bowl I wasn't using and filled it up with the fruit. You could easily do this with any seasonal fruit you have in abundance or even gourds! I have a pedestal bowl I filled with gourds as well and will probably use those as part of my Thanksgiving tablescape this year.

3| Use Nature
Fresh fall flowers from your yard, leaves from the side of the road, and even dead branches can all be used to add to your fall decorations. The best part of decorating with nature is it's free!
4| Candles
There is nothing better than having your house smell good. I always have a candle lit or a scentsy burning. It just feels more warm, welcoming and my idea of 'home.' My favorite candles come from Bath & Body Works and I am an absolute sucker for all of the sweet and seasonal smells! 

5| Get Creative With Items You Already Own
I feel like I am constantly rearranging my displays in the house or redecorating depending on the season or next upcoming holiday. For this reason, I have a closet dedicated to all of those random items that I use to switch things up. 
My Husband being the outdoorsmen that he is, we have too many antlers and deer sheds laying around to count. I love using them to create a rustic table setting and mixing them with other items you wouldn't expect like metallic votives. 
Another time I set them on a plate with some extra tree trimmings, pinecones, and a burlap bow, and ta da, I had myself a centerpiece. Look around your house for items you may not be using and turn them into something!
What are your favorite ways to decorate for fall?

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