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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

'Tis the season (week especially) to be thankful. This is such a busy time and special time of year. I try to wake each day with a grateful heart because I know there is always, always something to be thankful for. I know some days it might be easier than others to come up with something, but really, I am sure we can all think of something each day.  Monday I was just having on of those off days, so it took a little extra reminding....

I've had so much on my mind and heart lately that it's been hard to show up for this little space of "mine." But the main reason I created this space was to write. Writing has always been something I have truly enjoyed and brought me such comfort. I want to remember these everyday moments; good or bad.

This past week we lost a dear, close family friend. It has been weighing heavy on my heart and I am at a loss. She was truly my Angel on earth, beaming with pure goodness. It has pretty much put everything once again into perspective for me and made everything else seem insignificant.
John 14:3.  That is the ultimate goal but it is hard to let go of loved ones even though we know we will see them again!:
original source unknown; found on pinterest
Your wings were ready BUT my HEART was NOT | Grief Loss Quotes:

Insignificant like this happening the week of  the much anticipated Thanksgiving festivities...
It was pretty shocking when it first happened and luckily no one was hurt. It does make things a little harder when it comes to making dinner but I've been trying to get creative. On the bright side I still have two ovens that are functioning for the time being. On the not so bright side, this oven happens to be a size they no longer make ANYWHERE which means we can't get a replacement top or even a replacement stove that is the same size. So now we will be forced to get a smaller range and have to redo our cabinets and counters to fill in the gaps. Fun stuff. I am not worried at all about it, like I said, bigger things on my mind...It is what it is at this point, but it's worth a good laugh at least, right?

Sunday I decided I needed to get out of the house and get my ingredients for the dishes I will be making for Thanksgiving and pop over to a few stores for hopefully a few Christmas presents to check off my list. I found this quilt and could not resist. I had just ordered us these flannel sheets from Target (of course Ryan didn't mind because, deer) and I wanted something to compliment them and be festive for the holidays. Instantly cheered me up when I put it all together.
quilt / deer sheets
I asked Ryan to get me out some of my Christmas wrapping boxes and this magically appeared in our dining room. Can't say I'm mad at it. Also, do you like how it's Thanksgiving in the front and Christmas in the back? Ryan (a.k.a Clark Griswold, Sparky) already started hanging the lights on the house too. Eeeek! So exciting...
I cannot wait to see my family that we really only get to see and visit with twice a year on Thursday. I hope the weather cooperates so they can all make the drives over to our home. Even though there's lots to do, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love decorating and entertaining for guests and am looking forward to setting up the tables for dinner with these tablecloths and coordinating napkins too.
Can't forget to mention one of my greatest blessings either. How did I get so lucky? This man completes me...

Wishing you all a great today and the rest of the week. Count your blessings and tell someone you love them and hold them extra tight!

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