Christmas Traditions & Scenes from our Home

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The sweet month of December, oh how I love thee!
This time of the year is so festive and special, and we love going all out decorating around our house. Ryan takes care of the lights and outside decorations and I do the inside mainly (although sometimes I require his help, lol.) Ryan grew up with a family who went all out when it came to decking the halls. In fact, I've learned a lot and even inherited a few special decorations over the years (thanks, mama bear!) In my house growing up too, those decorations came out of storage a little before Thanksgiving and they were starting to go up the day after so they could be enjoyed all month long. (I hate to admit it, but I've been known to leave the tree up until well into the New Year and probably when it is considered less of a decoration and more of a major fire danger.) 

These are traditions I am so happy we both had and have chosen to carry on now around our own house. 

I absolutely love coming home each day, leaving the lights dimmed, and seeing the glow of the white lights around the house. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning and the first thing I do when I get home from work is turn those lights on. The glow is so sentimental and reminds me of traditions and time with family growing up. 

We always went to the mountains to cut our own tree, spent nights getting out all of the boxes with Mom to decorate, sorting through each carefully hand-picked ornament and finding a special spot to hang it and reminiscing about the year we received that ornament. Every year for Christmas my parents added a new ornament to a collection for me and my sister and as we got older, we both had our own to adorn our trees with as we moved out. One year in middle school, I was obsessed with talking on the phone as in I was ALWAYS talking to someone. My parents finally gave in and bought me my own phone and dedicated phone line. I still have the little pink phone ornament I recieved that year to hang on the tree and I smile whenever I see it.

Now we not only have a real tree to decorate, but we have also added a fake tree. I love putting it in front of the window and seeing it as you drive by. 

I've truly been enjoying our most favorite time of the year. I want to savor it all; the smells, the traditions, the memories, the candy making, the being with the ones we love and whom cherish and feel the same for us. This year I am choosing more than ever to focus on the true meaning of the season. I am so thankful for these special memories and traditions and look forward to adding a few of our own in the coming years.

"What if Christmas, he thought, didn't come from a store? 
What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." Dr. Suess 

Here is a litte Christmas tour of our home so far this year.
That's Santa in the window ;)  
Someone has already been caught trying to peek under the Christmas tree. She is way too smart!
We may or may not have a tree in practically every room...
It is so hard to get a good view of the house lights! Ol' Clark Griwold did an incredible job this year, despite us never having enough lights for everything he wants to do! We add a little more to our collections every year and although this picture doesn't do it justice, it's so so lit up when you drive by.
And this little self timer photo that snapped makes my heart go pitter patter. 
Simply stated, this time of the year is so magical to me. What are your favorite holiday traditions?


  1. Your house looks great--inside and out! I love those mason jars filled with ornaments!!!


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