Family Fall Photos 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015

This post might get a little sappy. And also really gushy and lovey. Consider yourself warned.
A couple weeks ago Ryan and I had some fall pictures taken. We didn't have any pictures of me, Ryan and our dogs since our wedding nearly 5 years ago! I love having pictures to document and look back on different seasons in life. Ryan does not enjoy taking pictures as much as I do, but our photographer Lacey was so easy going, made the shoot as quick and painless as possible, and we all just clicked. (no pun intended!) Ryan even admitted at the end he wouldn't mind taking them again...WOW!

Anyways, I am thankful every day for my little family. Life might not always be roses and rainbows, but the truth is we all face daily struggles and the feeling of having someone to go through them with who supports you, loves you, and holds your hand throughout it all is indescribable. I feel lucky that no matter what, at the end of each day, I have Ryan to always fall back on. I love doing life with this man by my side. 
"Family means you are a part of something very wonderful.
It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life no matter what."
We hope someday we will be able to add a few children to the picture and complete our family, but for now?
These photos of our little family of 4 make my heart so, so happy.
  And my favorite outtake of the day is definitely this one! I can't stop laughing at the dogs kissing and Hanky's face! It pretty much sums up his personality to a tee. 
So thanks, babe, for giving in and taking these pictures for with me.
I hope you love them as much as me!

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