Five Things on Friday

Friday, January 22, 2016

Well this week just about flew by, but I am certainly not complaining. We've got lots going on starting tonight, so let's get down to it. Five things to wrap up this week!

1 / My heart has been kinda' heavy lately. Never take your health for granted, folks. The health of my friends and family lately has seriously put into perspective that every day is an unrepeatable gift. My sweet, sassy and strong cousin Shanin fell recently and had no feeling from the neck down. You can read more of her story here. Aside from her being a determined fighter, with the amazing power of prayer, we have been encouraged with her progress. My family has been staying as close to the hospital as they can to support her but as you can imagine, the medical expenses are adding up. If you feel it in your heart and want to contribute to her fund, you can do so here. #prayforshanin #teamshanin

2 / Onto lighter things...I have been checking out some new lighting for the house, but then I feel like if I update one fixture that I need them to all be somewhat cohesive and that's hard for me because the more I look the more I LOVE! Like this little gem to replace the hallways lights? Might have to go on sale first, lol, but I adore them! I think I am going to do a post about all of my favorites so far then maybe you gals will help me decide.
3 / I've been on a soup kick this week. Last night was French Onion Soup and earlier in the week I made Tortellini Spinach & Sausage soup. I want soup basically every night when it's winter outside.

4 / We have been getting so much welcomed rain here. So far it's been nice because we have a few good days of rain and then a couple of sunshine to even it out and allow the ground to get saturated. In case you wondered how much of a drought we've had here, this is our lake...It's nowhere near being filled, but we'll take the rain!
5 / I plan on making these this weekend, although I might adapt the recipe a little and add an egg.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I'm on a soup kick, too! That tortellini soup sounds delicious!


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