Light Envy

Thursday, January 28, 2016

There were so many things we loved about our house when we bought it. Then there were some things that were just okay. One of those things happened to be the lights. They are outdated and just not our style. Now that we have lived here well over a year and because my husband enjoys playing football in the house with our friends and has broke one in the hall, we are finally getting around to updating the light situation slowly but surely.

I want the lighting in our house to feel cohesive but it's hard because I love so many different styles of lights. I always imagined having a rustic, farmhouse table with a traditional, fancy chandelier hanging above it, but I know that is not going to happen. Uh-um, Ryan. After all, he lives here too. So I am attempting to find things he will love as well.

Anyways, I hurriedly rushed into purchasing some pendant lights at Pottery Barn shortly after moving in because the light hanging above the bar was all wrong, hung entirely too low, and because I always envisioned having pendant lighting. Well, the way the lights would need to hang and how the electrical as well as cabinets are situated, it's not going to be possible to hand all 3 evenly and have them look right. Definitely something I rushed into and now regret, but lesson learned.

So this time before I make any more changes, I want to make sure they will work and also that they are husband approved. We are both drawn to the darker, oil-rubbed bronze look and I like the contrast since our house is so light, but then again I am swooning over that aged brassy color as well.

Here are some lights that currently inspire me!

1/ Flush Mount Lights Hallway 2/ Bronze 2-Vanity Light 1/2 Bathroom 3/ Chandelier Dining Room

4/ Round Chandelier Dining Room 5/ Lantern Pendant Entryway 6/ 4-Caged Lights Bathroom

7/ 5 Pendant Light Kitchen 8/ Sputnik Style Chandelier Dining Room 9/ Wine Barrel Chandelier Dining Room

So, which one's are your favorite? Shine a little light on this situation of mine would you? 

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