The weekends are never long enough.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Friday night Ryan and his best friend went to see Revenant together so I got to hang out with two of my favorite little kiddos. I thought we would have some fun of our own so I took them ice skating at a local ice rink. It was such a fun experience and we had an amazing time! I loved seeing their little eyes light up at the excitement of it all, especially when it came to them watching them clean the ice. I was so proud of them both! And I didn't even fall once so I'll call that a success. 
Saturday Ryan and I needed to get a few things so we headed down to do some shopping. We had quite a few things on our list we were hoping to accomplish, but I am probably the worst shopper in the history of shopping. We went to RC Willeys to check out some appliances and of course I got distracted and was swooning over all the furniture. We're absolutely not in the market for new furniture, let alone new bedroom furniture, but if we were we would have been bringing this home if I had my way. But back to why we were there-to check out a new stove. We didn't end up seeing one we loved so I'm still without a cooktop. No biggie though! 
Anyways, after a full day of driving around and a fair share of shopping, we were looking forward to lunch at one of our favorites, Yard House. We unfortunately had a bit of a disappointing lunch so that was a bummer, but on the way home we stopped at one more store because, powerball, duh. Um, can you believe nobody has won yet!?
Anyways, the store also happened to have these little gems. 
Dangerous, I'm telling you! They absolutely taste like a soda. I highly recommend!

Sunday was a day to catch up for me. We started off the morning with a nice family breakfast and long walk together then it was home to finish my to-dos. I finished boxing up the last of Christmas decorations (hashtag finally) and getting a box of items to donate ready to drop this week and then continued working on the cabinets. More to come on that, but so far I'm pretty excited!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! 

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