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Monday, January 25, 2016

Oh, Monday. We meet again...

You guys, this weekend was so fun! Good news to report, I finally decided on a stove and bought it! Wow, that was a long time coming, but what do you expect from Mrs. Indecisive herself? 

Saturday we headed down to the city with my most favorite In-Laws who are just about the funnest people to do non-fun things with (as well as fun things!) like shopping for appliances and checking out design centers. They have a lot more experience than me when it comes to remodeling so they took us to a few places to get some ideas for our kitchen and also to see some new ranges. After our first stop, we already needed a drink.
I cannot remember the last time I had a sucker?
I came across the most beautiful polished nickel faucet! I neeeeeeeeddd these in my life.
We also got some great ideas on granite for the kitchen. This is the lead contender for countertops right now!
We ended the day with some Mexican food for dinner and another tasty libation. I was on a jalapeƱo kick Saturday apparently.

S u n d a y I finally got around to completing my cabinet project. I will do a full recap this week of the before and after, but I am so happy with how they turned out. I smile every time I walk by that bathroom now. I like how they lightened up the small room. Originally I was thinking we would replace the tile countertops but since the cabinet transformation, I actually kinda' like how they go together. Next to come, paint!

We also had an early birthday dinner to celebrate my Daddy. I couldn't help but give him his present early, his requested selfie stick, and I don't think I have ever seen him that excited over a gift. It was definitely a hit. My Sis couldn't make dinner so we sent her a quick hello! Today is his actual birthday so I am looking forward to celebrating him again (well all week really, it's his birthday week!) He deserves it.
So maybe we need a little practice...
I also had a little help making his birthday cake. Hashtag life is short, always lick the bowl.

And with that, I am off to tackle this Monday. I hope you all had a nice weekend as well!


  1. That's so great that your dad wanted a selfie stick! We are redoing our kitchen in the summer and the options overwhelm me! Can we hire your in-laws?!


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