These are my Confessions...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Excited to be back to this little neglected space of mine. Today I'm linking up with Jess @ The Newly for some Thursday Confessions...Time to spill!

1 / I confess that I loathe painting my nails. I work in an office and love how painted, well manicured nails looks (duh) but the time and effort it takes to upkeep them, let alone sit still long enough for them to dry after painting them? Ain't nobody got time for that. Although, I will say I am loving this polish for special occasions. I have found it doesn't last as long as it claims, but it does not chip as quickly as other polishes either.
2 / I confess that there is nothing better than receiving cards in the mail. I love sending them and I love receiving them! Also, whatever happened to good ole' fashioned pen pals?

3 / I confess that Ryan and I have joined the adult coloring book bandwagon. But if we're being honest here, we have a couple regular coloring books with accompanying Crayola crayons, so I guess you could say we have advanced up to the harder, more detailed versions. I started coloring in mine last night and after approximately one hour, I had about 1/12 of the picture done. WOW.
Coloring Book
4 / I confess that even though we have our new stove in and installed, that I have yet to use it. (wife fail big time) I can't wait to feel like a grown up again and actually cook a real meal using my range! I guess it doesn't help me feel motivated when we are in the midst of attempting to remodel/update our kitchen and it is a wee bit out of place...

and one final confession...

5 / I wish it was Friday!