Thursday Spill Sesh

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This week's confessions...

...I have no time for messy hair bun tutorials. When my hair is in a bun, it's messy all on it's own, I don't need help making it look like one. K thanks.

...I nearly burned the house down this week while cooking bacon for breakfast when I attempted what my Dad has coined as "Walk-a-way cooking." The sad thing is this isn't the first time and you would assume I learned my lesson the last time this happened.  I've been trying to get the burnt smell out of the house since. Good thing I never liked that pan anyways.

...we have a kitchen update/mini-reno in the works and that although browsing the internet for house inspiration photos is helpful, it also leaves me feeling kinda' inferior and also very confused on my own style and I don't like that. I'm considering taking a break from all that and seeing what happens.

...that makeup is really not my strong suite. I've pretty much worn the same kind since high school. I've been feeling like I need to change up my skincare/beauty routine, but SO MANY CHOICES. I the only one who is not that into class reunions? I heard my 10 year reunion is coming up and I feel like back in the day they might have been a good time, but with social media these days, we all know what everyone is up to. Plus, if I want to keep in touch or see you then we would, right? So ya, not really my thing.

...that although I have yet to do a proper Easter weekend recap, I could not get over this stunning Easter Sunday sunset at our lake. You can't make up that cotton candy sky.
Friday will be here before we know it. Hope today is great!

10 Habits I Wish I Were Better At {10 on Tuesday Linkup}

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I love lists, so it's no wonder I love this little 10 on Tuesday Linkup!
Today I'm sharing 10 Habits I wish I were better at (or that I am currently working on)...

1 / Not being a procrastinator. In school and now even in life in general, I thrive on putting things off until the last minute. I always have ideas in my head of how I want things to go or my plans for what I will do, but don't actually start doing them until it's down to the wire. As you can imagine, my plans don't always work out the way I intended.

2 / This leads to me to my next habit of being more flexible. Hey, we all know life happens. I have always struggled with letting things happen or "go" as they say. When life doesn't go how I want or expect, I want to be more flexible and go along with the new plan.

3 / Not being so anxious or such a worrier. I literally worry about every imaginable thing. I'm trying to accept the fact that there is no sense in worrying about things that may or may not happen. Take things as they come and deal with it then.

4 / Getting up early every weekday morning. There is something about waking up before the sunset and having those few moments of quiet to yourself that make for a great day.

5 / Writing down my thoughts, dreams and feelings. Instead of carrying around everything in my head, write them down on paper for safe keeping. This means blogging on the regular too.

6 / Making people feel good. I love that saying that people will always remember how you make them feel. I love making people feel good and sometimes the smallest gestures, like remembering someone's birthday and sending a handwritten card is just what someone needs to make them smile. Be the good in someone's day, there's already enough bad out there.

7 / Letting go. This means both letting go of things or people who do not bring me joy. There's no reason to hold onto anything that does not either serve a purpose or help you feel/be a better person. Let it go!

8 / Being active everyday. Self explanatory, but it is truly a struggle!

9 / Being the best as good of a version of myself as I can be. Taking care of myself will make me a better wife, friend, sister, auntie, daughter, person as well. Take the high road even when it's harder, lead by example and stop comparing myself to others.

10 / Never stop learning. I'm a self-proclaimed nerd and love to learn things. I've always wanted to go back to school, but aside from that there are always things I wish I knew how to do. I never want my fears of what could be stop me from acquiring new skills.

That about wraps it up for today. Are there any habits you can relate to? Tell me I'm not alone in this! 

Spring Bridal Shower Inspiration

Sunday, March 20, 2016

So, it's officially Spring!

The month of February was such a tease. Now it's March and here in Northern California we are getting hit hard with El Nino. Can't complain, we need the rain, but again...last month had me all, "Spring has sprung," when in fact it has not. Now that it has, it still doesn't feel all that Spring-y.

Moving on...

My Mom and I are planning a quaint bridal shower for next month and I thought it would be so fun and appropriate to do a spring themed shower. Think lots of fresh flowers, whimsical votives and tea cups, along with bright spring colors and hints of purple (the bride's favorite color.) Also, the couple is really into bicycles so I am figuring out how I will incorporate their love of riding into the décor.

I'm going to use this as a table runner. I think it's the perfect mix of spring and whimsy! To add some height to the table I'm going to pull out my cupcake stand and cake plates. And is this an excuse to finally buy this jade colored cake stand I've been eyeing or perhaps this one? The answer is maybe.

Luckily, I have plenty of teacups on hand from when I threw my Bestie her French Bulldog Tea Party Bridal Shower.
Say that ten times fast.

One of the details I am most excited about is the favors I am having made! I'll be ordering them from a local gal here.

I can't wait to share once it all comes together, but at the risk of giving too much away, for now I will leave you with a few inspiration photos. 
Unique Wedding Gift Engagement Gift Wall Art Vintage Wedding Decor Gift for Couples Bicycle for Two Bridal Shower Tandem Bicycle

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Celebrating things is one of my favorites, so I wanted to pop in real quick
and wish you all the luckiest and happiest of Saint Patrick's Day today!
I'm glad our dogs enjoy being festive as much as I do.
The corned beef is simmering away in the crockpot and
I've got the cabbage and festive fruit salad all ready for tonight's dinner. I can't wait!
 I hope you all have a safe & festive night!

When your Husband has a Birthday {31 on his 31st}

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy 31st Birthday to my Hubby & Best Friend! I definitely hit the jackpot with you and I can't wait to celebrate you today. But let's be honest, it's your birthday week and it's basically been one big celebration already. But you deserve it honey!
And, because his birthday is a perfectly good excuse to gush for a minute, onto 31 fun facts in his honor...
1 / The man could BBQ anything and everything and make it taste good. My favorite? His baby back ribs!
2 / We went to high school together (me a freshman, him a senior) but never knew of one another until later in life when we met on a blind date.

3 / He is an only child, but doesn't act anything like one. Secretly I kinda' love that I don't have to share him or his family with any siblings.

4 / If he had his choice, he would wear something camo with cargo shorts and flip flops every. darn. day.

5 / He always watches my trash shows with me even if I don't do the same for him.

6 / He lives for being an outdoorsmen. Hunting, fishing, shooting, exploring, you name it. In fact, we had to be very particular about when we got married so that it didn't interfere with any hunting seasons.
7 / When it comes to technology, he couldn't really care less. It's just not his thing.

8 / I am constantly in awe of his ability to fix just about anything.

9 / When we first met he drove the most gorgeous Ford lifted truck and I can't deny the fact that I loved it.

10 / We share a love for dogs; chocolate labs to be exact.

11 / He is a family man through and through. We talked about that on our first date how it would work with holidays and sharing our time, and I told him it worked great because it meant I would get two of everything. That hasn't worked out though because now our families do everything together anyways, we're that close.
12 / He is THE absolute best card writer. I look forward to his cards more than any gift on holidays.

13 / When we were first married, I had to convince him we needed a new bed. He hesitantly agreed to a Sleep Number, but now says its the best money we ever spent.

14 / We sort-of have our own language and nicknames that our friends and family joke about all of the time, but now they refer to us by those names and its hilarious.
15 / He has the bluest eyes and the sweetest smile. I never get tired of coming home to that every day.

16 / His favorite game is cribbage. That's too much counting for me.

17 / He is a huge jokester, but always gets even when the joke is on him. In retaliation, he enjoys doing not so funny things like putting a fake mouse under my pillow.

18 / He always checks on the random noises I hear, but I am in charge of killing any spiders we encounter.

19 / I don't think there is anyone who owns as many pairs of sunglasses as him. I guess women have shoes, and so he has sunglasses.
20 / I wish I could be more like him. The man doesn't let a whole lot get to him, like water off a ducks back...

21 / He is a huge movie guy and he loves raiding the $5 bin any chance he gets.

22 / He is the biggest little kid at heart and he is all about FUN.
23 / Because no matter how many times he has taught me to hang stuff on my own, he never hesitates to do it for me when I ask.

24 / He can shoot a shotgun like it's nobody's business.

25 / I'm envious of his meticulously, manicured hands. Seriously, he has the nicest hands.

26 / He is extremely competitive and will do just about anything to win a game. Board game, sports, friendly jokes, you name it.

27 / He goes along with most all of my crazy ideas.
28 / He can grow a beard in practically minutes.

29 / Sometimes if I ask real nice, he will paint my nails and he does a better job than me.

30 / He loves adventuring and spontaneity and teaches me to let go and live.
31 / I love him because he's cute and thinks he loves me more than I love him. Most of all, I am glad you were born 31 years ago my love!

Happy Birthday, My RPM! I hope you never change!

Recent Steals, Deals & Happenings

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hellloooo...Long time no check in!
Today I thought I'd stop in for a quick hello and also to share a few of my recent steals & deals!

+ I saw that Target had this bathing suit which looked strikingly similar to this one from Anthropologie, but of course for a deal! I just received it yesterday and I am crazy about it and how it fits! We have a cruise planned for this year and I cannot wait to sport it. That is saying a lot when it comes to a bathing suit!

+ Speaking of cruises...We just booked a cruise and I cannot wait. Except, first time cruiser over here. Any tips you'd like to share or that I must know? Fill me in!

+ So does anyone else have pets at home? I just thought I would share this little pro tip with you all...I am the one who usually goes to the store, picks up the food, carries it to the car, etc. You get the idea. It was a major pain. My favorite thing to do is order our dog food online and have it delivered. We usually use Petco or Amazon Prime because duh, free shipping (which is the main reason I do it.) I end up being able to make money off my Ebates rewards, I pay the same if not a lower price for the food as I would in the store, the shipping is free, not to mention I save myself the hassle of going to the store. I love arriving home and having it there waiting for me, and best of all no hassle.

+ I stopped in at Wal-Mart for a few essentials (the closest thing to Target in our town, unfortunately) and found the cutest fringe top. It's a coral color with beige fringe and I plan to wear it as a cover-up this summer. It was a major deal at $12! Also, I love, love, love their camisoles there. $1.68, sold. Never hurts to pop over and see what they have to offer.

+ This past weekend we dedicated to finishing some projects. We replaced a few of the handles in our house, updated the light fixture to this one in the bathroom and I'm in the process of painting our front door and updating the hardware. Go figure I went and decided on this light fixture for our entryway and it's sold out online and in the stores (and they wouldn't sell me the floor model either.) So now I wait...

It felt so good to get a few things that had been weighing on me accomplished! Every little thing makes me feel like our house is becoming more OUR home everyday.

And because no post is complete without photos, here's a little photo dump for ya'.

Workin' on our high five with my growing little nephew!
Slow Saturday mornings at home are the best.
Enough said.
Now go be the good in someone's day today!