Spring Bridal Shower Inspiration

Sunday, March 20, 2016

So, it's officially Spring!

The month of February was such a tease. Now it's March and here in Northern California we are getting hit hard with El Nino. Can't complain, we need the rain, but again...last month had me all, "Spring has sprung," when in fact it has not. Now that it has, it still doesn't feel all that Spring-y.

Moving on...

My Mom and I are planning a quaint bridal shower for next month and I thought it would be so fun and appropriate to do a spring themed shower. Think lots of fresh flowers, whimsical votives and tea cups, along with bright spring colors and hints of purple (the bride's favorite color.) Also, the couple is really into bicycles so I am figuring out how I will incorporate their love of riding into the décor.

I'm going to use this as a table runner. I think it's the perfect mix of spring and whimsy! To add some height to the table I'm going to pull out my cupcake stand and cake plates. And is this an excuse to finally buy this jade colored cake stand I've been eyeing or perhaps this one? The answer is maybe.

Luckily, I have plenty of teacups on hand from when I threw my Bestie her French Bulldog Tea Party Bridal Shower.
Say that ten times fast.

One of the details I am most excited about is the favors I am having made! I'll be ordering them from a local gal here.

I can't wait to share once it all comes together, but at the risk of giving too much away, for now I will leave you with a few inspiration photos. 
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  1. These are truly fabulous photos. Those party pictures are my favorite among all. You know my daughter love parties. She just hosted a bridal shower for her best friend who will have a royal ceremony at one of royal themed Los Angeles wedding venues. Very excited to be there.


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