Thursday Spill Sesh

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This week's confessions...

...I have no time for messy hair bun tutorials. When my hair is in a bun, it's messy all on it's own, I don't need help making it look like one. K thanks.

...I nearly burned the house down this week while cooking bacon for breakfast when I attempted what my Dad has coined as "Walk-a-way cooking." The sad thing is this isn't the first time and you would assume I learned my lesson the last time this happened.  I've been trying to get the burnt smell out of the house since. Good thing I never liked that pan anyways.

...we have a kitchen update/mini-reno in the works and that although browsing the internet for house inspiration photos is helpful, it also leaves me feeling kinda' inferior and also very confused on my own style and I don't like that. I'm considering taking a break from all that and seeing what happens.

...that makeup is really not my strong suite. I've pretty much worn the same kind since high school. I've been feeling like I need to change up my skincare/beauty routine, but SO MANY CHOICES. I the only one who is not that into class reunions? I heard my 10 year reunion is coming up and I feel like back in the day they might have been a good time, but with social media these days, we all know what everyone is up to. Plus, if I want to keep in touch or see you then we would, right? So ya, not really my thing.

...that although I have yet to do a proper Easter weekend recap, I could not get over this stunning Easter Sunday sunset at our lake. You can't make up that cotton candy sky.
Friday will be here before we know it. Hope today is great!


  1. I have never understood messy bun tutorials! Like you said, i've got that whole "mess" thing down already all by myself!

  2. I literally set the fire alarm off once for every three times or so that I cook bacon. I will probably never learn.

  3. I went to my 10 year reunion but it was a few years ago (ugh). I had a great time, but social media is big now that you don't have to. I have burned things more than I would like to admit as well.


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