When your Husband has a Birthday {31 on his 31st}

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy 31st Birthday to my Hubby & Best Friend! I definitely hit the jackpot with you and I can't wait to celebrate you today. But let's be honest, it's your birthday week and it's basically been one big celebration already. But you deserve it honey!
And, because his birthday is a perfectly good excuse to gush for a minute, onto 31 fun facts in his honor...
1 / The man could BBQ anything and everything and make it taste good. My favorite? His baby back ribs!
2 / We went to high school together (me a freshman, him a senior) but never knew of one another until later in life when we met on a blind date.

3 / He is an only child, but doesn't act anything like one. Secretly I kinda' love that I don't have to share him or his family with any siblings.

4 / If he had his choice, he would wear something camo with cargo shorts and flip flops every. darn. day.

5 / He always watches my trash shows with me even if I don't do the same for him.

6 / He lives for being an outdoorsmen. Hunting, fishing, shooting, exploring, you name it. In fact, we had to be very particular about when we got married so that it didn't interfere with any hunting seasons.
7 / When it comes to technology, he couldn't really care less. It's just not his thing.

8 / I am constantly in awe of his ability to fix just about anything.

9 / When we first met he drove the most gorgeous Ford lifted truck and I can't deny the fact that I loved it.

10 / We share a love for dogs; chocolate labs to be exact.

11 / He is a family man through and through. We talked about that on our first date how it would work with holidays and sharing our time, and I told him it worked great because it meant I would get two of everything. That hasn't worked out though because now our families do everything together anyways, we're that close.
12 / He is THE absolute best card writer. I look forward to his cards more than any gift on holidays.

13 / When we were first married, I had to convince him we needed a new bed. He hesitantly agreed to a Sleep Number, but now says its the best money we ever spent.

14 / We sort-of have our own language and nicknames that our friends and family joke about all of the time, but now they refer to us by those names and its hilarious.
15 / He has the bluest eyes and the sweetest smile. I never get tired of coming home to that every day.

16 / His favorite game is cribbage. That's too much counting for me.

17 / He is a huge jokester, but always gets even when the joke is on him. In retaliation, he enjoys doing not so funny things like putting a fake mouse under my pillow.

18 / He always checks on the random noises I hear, but I am in charge of killing any spiders we encounter.

19 / I don't think there is anyone who owns as many pairs of sunglasses as him. I guess women have shoes, and so he has sunglasses.
20 / I wish I could be more like him. The man doesn't let a whole lot get to him, like water off a ducks back...

21 / He is a huge movie guy and he loves raiding the $5 bin any chance he gets.

22 / He is the biggest little kid at heart and he is all about FUN.
23 / Because no matter how many times he has taught me to hang stuff on my own, he never hesitates to do it for me when I ask.

24 / He can shoot a shotgun like it's nobody's business.

25 / I'm envious of his meticulously, manicured hands. Seriously, he has the nicest hands.

26 / He is extremely competitive and will do just about anything to win a game. Board game, sports, friendly jokes, you name it.

27 / He goes along with most all of my crazy ideas.
28 / He can grow a beard in practically minutes.

29 / Sometimes if I ask real nice, he will paint my nails and he does a better job than me.

30 / He loves adventuring and spontaneity and teaches me to let go and live.
31 / I love him because he's cute and thinks he loves me more than I love him. Most of all, I am glad you were born 31 years ago my love!

Happy Birthday, My RPM! I hope you never change!

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