10 Things I'm Spring Cleaning {and you should too}

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring brings many things. One of my favorites oddly enough? Spring Cleaning. It means deep cleaning and doing those things we don't do as often as we, well, should. Even though this nice weather has me all wanting to go outside every waking moment, I took some time this weekend to check some of those cleaning items off of my to-do list.
Here's 10 things I'm spring cleaning and you should too!

1/ Vinegar in the coffee pot: I try and clean the coffee pot as often as I can but I have yet to do a vinegar cleaning. I did a cycle of 50/50 water and white vinegar then another cycle of just water. I also put ice cubes in the coffee pot with a little dish soap and swirled it around. It helps clean the inside so well! Just make sure you rinse throughly. My coffee tastes mighty fine since I've done it!

2 / Baby oil on stainless steel: Anyone with stainless steel knows it's hard to keep those fingerprints and water marks from appearing even after cleaning regularly. This is the best tip a friend taught me and it works like a charm. Take an old rag, squeeze a small dab of baby oil and use it clean your stainless surfaces. 

3 / Clean the BBQ: I removed all the grills and burners and scrubbed them with some dish soap, water and a little elbow grease. And that extra vinegar water from my coffee cleaning? I recycled some of it to shine up the outside surfaces. 

4 / Vacuuming: I don't just mean the weekly vacuuming of the floors. I mean putting on the attachements and cleaning all of the baseboards, corner crevices and all of those pesky cobwebs. 

5 / Purging! Enough said. Getting rid of AS MANY OF THE THINGS as I can dare to part with. 

6 / Wipe down door handles: Whip out whatever disinfectant you prefer and go ahead and give those doorknobs, handles and pulls a wipe down. Your immune system will thank you. 

7 / Windows + windowsills: I love opening the windows up this time of year and it helps if they're clean, right?! Also, see above vacuuming. Don't forget the windowsills. 

8 / Blinds: Not the most enjoyable, but those things get dusty! There's lots of tricks out there (sock over the hand, swiffer, etc.) Whatever works best for you!

9 / Wash pet bedding: This could also be any other usual washing that you don't do on the reg. Our dogs have their own beds in the house and although we don't keep them too forever, it helps the lifetime of them and keeps them looking newer if you take the cover off and wash them!

10 / Going through the freezer: So, I think the more common thing to do here is clean the refrigerator, but do you clean your freezer too? I try and wipe the fridge down regularly. The freezer though? It reminds me of a deep, dark hole. I am making it a goal to use up what's in there and CLEAN the freezer!

Do you like cleaning in the spring as much as me?

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