5 on Friday | Healthy Weeknight Meal Ideas

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Friday to you all!

Today I am sharing 5 things we have been eating lately as we attempt to limit the sweets, treats and let's face it, eat a bit more healthy. I figured some of you could relate. Personally, I enjoy hearing what other people eat because for me it is one of the biggest challenges I face when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes time does not allow you to make a 5-star, perfectly healthy meal especially when you work all day, so I think it's important to have a few recipes you can turn to when time is not on your side.
Here are 5 ideas for weeknight meals we I have been eating lately that have been quick and easy to prepare:
*I took the liberty of adding my hubby's preference when we eat these meals in case your man is a little picky too :)

1 | Homemade Turkey Meatballs + Steamed Zucchini with Tomato Sauce
This is one of my favorites! I love using ground turkey to make burgers or meatballs. You can season to your liking, add an egg or 2, and throw in some ground oats, and form into meatballs. I found a pasta sauce I love and it has about 3 ingredients; tomatoes, basil and italian seasonings and I use that for the sauce. It is easy to take the leftovers for lunch the next day too!
*husband approved: Serve with noodles.

2 | Pulled Pork
I love making pulled pork because it is so versatile. I buy a pork shoulder, use a homemade dry rub and place in the crockpot all day while I'm at work on low with a bit of water in the bottom. No heavy BBQ sauce for me. Sometimes I serve it with a veggie on the side or sometimes I eat it over a sweet potato. It also makes the best leftovers for tacos, taco salad, or any salad for that matter. You could do the same with a whole chicken in the crockpot too, FYI!
*husband approved: Add BBQ sauce and serve on sandwich thin bun.

3 | Homemade Sweet Potato 'Fries'
Can you really call something a 'fry' if it's not fried? Well, I do. I take a whole sweet potato, peel the skin, spray with coconut oil, salt + pepper those babies then throw them in the oven at 425 degrees for 25 minutes. So they aren't exactly the most crunchy, but they are satisfying and delicious nonetheless.
*actually husband approved!

4 | Protein Style Burgers
I get the premade burger patties from Costco, BBQ them, then add lots of different toppings. I try and stay away from dairy, but instead I opt for goat cheese. Don't knock it til you try it, it's my favorite, and absolutely so tasty! I usually sauté onions and mushrooms, then love adding pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, and mustard or whatever else your heart desires.
*husband approved: add bacon and sometimes a bun.

5 | Owning it and being real here.
Some nights just call for a bowl of cereal and in that case I love a bowl of chex with almond milk! Sometimes I'll even slice up a banana or add blueberries!
*husband approved: macaroni + cheese or dijorno. lol!

Let me know in the comments what your go-to meals are!


  1. I am all about the homemade sweet potato fries. Nom nom!

  2. Ooh these are perfect! The zucchini and meatballs sounds great!


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