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Thursday, May 19, 2016

When it comes to beauty, I will be the first to tell you I have no idea what I am doing and I have a lot to learn. Even with all of the information, tutorials and recommendations available at our fingertips, I still feel clueless. I've pretty much worn the same makeup since highschool with minor tweaks to my routine over the years. It doesn't take me hours to get ready or do my makeup and I like that. I know I'm pretty lucky with my skin type, not too oily not too dry, and despite struggling with some serious acne back in the day, I really am not trying to conceal too much, I mainly just want to achieve a smooth, finished look to my face.

I know it's terrible but I really only wash my face in the shower and I don't use any fancy products. I put on moisturizer every morning not just on my face but on my neck too (words of wisdom from my Grandma) followed by a light foundation, dab of blush and my eyes. Aside from that, I just started wearing lipstick regularly. I've always been a chapstick addict kinda' girl. There's no shame in my Lip Smacker game, those things smell delicious!

Anyways, I recently added a few things to my routine and thought I'd share those today!

/ My true beauty expert friend (Bekah, I'm looking at you!) recommended a local shop in town that sells all types of homemade and natural products. For my local gals, it's Live Wise Bath & Beauty Bar downtown. She always raves about her masks she gets there, but I was in the market for a gentle face wash so I stopped in there to check out what they had. I picked up their clear complexion bar and I use that to wash my face everyday now. It's a very mild formula made with goats milk and it has been working great!
/ My Grandma years ago told me that wearing moisturizer was her secret to keeping her skin in tip top shape and I agree! Moisturizing is important for so many reasons but a major one is the sun protection it provides. I had previously used Neutrogena and Cera-ve but this winter my skin was suffering and I was looking for something to new to try. Cue Live Wise to the rescue again! I found their whipped coconut moisturizer and I cannot say enough good things about it. I will admit that I was hesitant assuming it would leave y skin too oily, but it doesn't at all. It is made with about 5 ingredients (one being love, lol) so I feel good putting it on my face everyday. It smells amazing too! I asked the gal who makes it about sun protection cuz' ain't nobody got time for sun damage or skin cancer and she informed me that coconut oil is a natural sun protector. I had no idea!
/ My makeup of choice has always been BareMinerals powder. I saw they came out with this new product. It's called complexion rescue and it's a tinted hydrating gel that goes on like foundation. I thought I would give it a try on the gal at the counter's recommendation. I use the brush they recommend to apply it and it feels so cool going on your face and if you wanted to skip powder after applying you totally could. It has just enough tint and coverage that it could easily be worn alone and layered for extra coverage.
/ I was wearing the pressed powder by BareMinerals but after talking to someone at Macy's, apparently they are changing their formulas and moving away from that so I switched back to the loose powder. The more you blend it, the more natural it looks. It gives that flawless and finished look on your face. I use a little of their warmth around my face to highlight and contour too. 

/ To add a little more color to my life, I picked up their blush in 'Secret' and some lipstick. Both are subtle yet make a huge difference in my overall look when I take the extra step to apply. 

/ I finish my look usually by adding some eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara and I'm ready! 

For your convenience or if you're interested, I have linked some of my favorite products for you to check out!
So there you have it! My simple and quick beauty routine. Any products that are your favorite must haves I should know about?

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