Last Minute Traveling Tips [from the ultimate procrastinator]

Sunday, June 19, 2016

We just got back from a 7 day cruise to the Inside Passage of Alaska and I wanted to share about our experience for others who are considering this cruise as well. Before we left, I scoured the internet for ideas from people who had travelled here and how to make the most of our trip. Although it was helpful, I still had more questions! I was a first time cruiser and it was my first time to Alaska. Now that we have gone, I wanted to cover some of those areas for others like me who are looking for ideas through a series of upcoming posts.

Today, I am starting with last minute traveling tips because I am SUCH a procrastinator! Next time I'll try taking my own advice:
1 | Try and schedule any last minute appointments, such as pedicures or hair appointments, the week before you leave not the week of. Or in my case, the day before.

2 | Don't wait to shop for any last minute essentials the week of or day before embarking as this causes undue stress and also you probably don't really need it anyways.

3 | Do not put off packing until the night before.

4 | Do not assume you only live an hour away from the airport so you have plenty of time in the morning. Always listen to your husband on this one and leave earlier than seems necessary. Without a doubt, you won't be able to find parking and will have to park in the hourly parking for 7 days straight or come across traffic, a car accident, construction or all three on your way there.

5 | Check your luggage and carry on bags for lingering contraband from previous trips you've taken and used said luggage for. Then you can avoid being held up by a random bullet at the TSA security checkpoints. (Uh hum, husband.)

6 | Charge, clear room on SD cards, and pack other technology items ahead of time as to not forget them while they're still charging from the night before. See above again for waiting until the night before to pack.

7 | Make a checklist for essential items to cross off as you walk out the door as a double check. Passports, wallets, electronics, medications, locking up, etc.

8 | Back up your phone and photos in case you need to use in place of forgotten camera and your storage is full.

9 | Pack a backpack as your carry on and include a change of clothes, god forbid something happen to your luggage which has happened to me before. At least then you have something to wear!

10 | If you leave first thing in the morning, eat something light that way you're not starving when you get on the plane. Otherwise, hope you flew Southwest so you can at least grab some peanuts and pretzels to hold you over.

11 | When all else fails, flag down the nearest flight attendant asap and order yourself a cocktail or two and count on making the most of your trip no matter what starting THEN! (Also, it helps if you fly on a holiday with Southwest as the first stiff drink is on them.)

Disclaimer: This may or may not be how our trip to Alaska started. Nonetheless, lessons were learned & memories made!

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