A Firefighter Graduation & Party

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Taking a little detour from all the cruise talk and wanted to share about a very special graduation and also the fun party I helped with before the next big event rolls around. So quickly time passes by, especially this time of year it seems...

Recently my little brother graduated from the Fire Academy and my big sister heart was so proud it could have burst! These family friends of ours are truly like family and I have been so lucky to grow up not only with the boys who are the brothers I never had and always wanted, but also another set of parents who just absolutely rock!

This graduation was so special and I know the hours, stress, worry, sweat and most of all HEART that went into Dak graduating from this elite 19 week program. And let's be honest, not just on his part but on all of us here supporting him too! I knew he would complete the program, but I knew it wouldn't be easy. I am happy to report his dedication and hard work week after week paid off as he walked across that stage. And even happier to report that he was hired on with Cal-Fire!

I'm definitely one of those people who are all about the Pomp & Circumstance! There is something about traditions and ceremonies that honor firefighters especially that gives me the absolute goosebumps. From the bagpipes and the honor guard presenting the flag, to the bell ringing and the overall feeling of respect in the room, I was beaming with pride that he is now a part of it all. Although it was made very clear at graduation that his becoming a firefighter means he has just gained a whole new firefighting family, I kept reminding him that I hope that doesn't make us second now. Haha...
Anyways, I am so proud of you, Dak and I loved celebrating all that you have accomplished. Of course in true Lindsay fashion, I couldn't help myself and help his Mama throw one heck of a party to celebrate him!
To help kickstart his graduation, I set up a fill the boot station using one of his training boots! I made the poem in Picmonkey and framed it! The hats were ordered on Amazon and most of the other stuff was my favorite-things I already owned!
The amount hours of studying and testing is insane! When he showed me his stack of flashcards I just knew I had to incorporate them into the decorating somehow. I filled a couple lanterns with them and strung them throughout the party on twine and there were still stacks left!
I had to make his gift fire-themed too, duh! I gave him a bottle of fireball, some hot tamales and also a fire-themed cd! It was hilarious and the soundtrack of the night (until we played it so many times I think the entire party knew every song on there!)
It turned out to be the perfect day and we all had a blast celebrating him! It still seems like yesterday when I was babysitting him, but I couldn't be more proud of the young man he is today. Watching him accomplish this dream and also knowing that he has found his passion in life absolutely is worth celebrating!

And also, no matter how old he gets, he's always going to stay my 'little' brother!

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