A Lovely Weekend Review

Monday, July 25, 2016

Last week was a whirlwind...but this weekend was absolutely what I needed to decompress and recharge.

Saturday morning we slept in (hallelujah) and woke up slow. Shorty after, we got a call to meet my in-laws at the farmer's market and then go to breakfast. It was my our first time at this one, and we scored so many delicious things including peaches, tomatoes, figs and fresh sunflowers although I was most excited about the Orland Creamery and picking up some of their local cheeses! I've basically been eating it on everything now...

After breakfast, I was planning on staying home to get caught up around the house and continue to work on painting my cabinets, but the more I thought about it I decided all of that can wait. It would be there when I got home, and sometimes you just gotta' go have fun. BEST DECISION. So we loaded up the jeep and met up with some of our friends to head up the canyon to swim. I've actually never been here, but it's something Ryan and his friends have grown up doing so I was excited to go. My sister ended up going too, and my parents decided to take a drive and meet us all, so it turned out to be an unexpected fun and family day. We swam, we laughed, we jumped off rocks, we dove for crawdads, we laughed some more, and we picked wild blackberries.
After getting way too much sun (even with our sunscreen on!) we headed home, whipped up some BLT's with our farmer's market goodies, watched a movie together and called it a night. Wild Saturday night, but our idea of a perfect one.

Repeat for Sunday; we slept in again! After coffee, we decided to head over and do some shopping and pick up the rest of my painting supplies at Sherwin Williams. We stopped at Costco for a "few" things that turned into a car full of things, but we had the best time. There's just something about doing mundane things like grocery shopping and running errands with Ryan that makes them feel that much more fun and dare I say enjoyable. I was also thrilled because I found a new accent chair at Costco for an absolute steal and it matches our couches PERFECT! It's beautiful and comfortable and it was meant to be ;)

When we got back, we did some of those dreaded chores (but only the inside ones because it was sweltering hot outside), prepped for our work week and called it a day. We both kept saying how wonderful of a weekend it was together. For us, being surrounded by and spending time with our parents, my sister, cousin, & friends that are like family is all we ever really need. This world is a pretty crazy place and even crazier when I sit down and think about how sometimes it feels like it's all happening at once, but then I realize I'm pretty darn lucky and sometimes you just have to let go of the rest. Life is just better together.
I hope you all found yourself refreshed after a never-long-enough weekend and are ready to take on another week!

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