Welcome to July (1st week wrap up)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Oh hi, July! Well can I just say June officially flew by. I just thought I'd do a quick wrap up of what we've been up to already in July because between birthdays, baby showers and a few house improvements we're working on, this month is sure to pass just as quickly.

This time thing has just really got me lately. Could ya' slow down a bit?! Anyways, next month is my Birthday month and I'm getting pretty excited about a little party that's in the works.

We kicked off the beginning of the month celebrating Ryan's Aunt's 70th in Sonoma. It was an absolutely amazing weekend spent with lots of family we don't see as often as we'd like, plus we were literally in the heart of wine country and altogether so what more could you ask for? The house his cousin rented for the festivities was unlike anything I've ever seen. We reminisced around the fire pit, enjoyed fresh pizza from the Pizza Politana, played badminton, swam entirely too long in the sun, visited some wineries and basically laughed until our stomachs hurt. I'll always remember that weekend!
Me with some of the other Mac gals. This was at my favorite winery we visited; Imagery Estate Winery!
One morning my MIL and I took a little road trip to check out a furniture store she had been wanting to show me and wouldn't you know they were closed for inventory? Of ALL times! On our way back to the house we stumbled across Cornerstone Sonoma with lots of shops, eats, a garden, and neat things to see and do like this wishing garden! You can bet I made a few good wishes! I love spending time with her and all the random things stumble across even when things don't go as planned. Those are some of our best memories together.
We returned home Sunday evening after dropping his cousins at the airport. We stopped at The Melting Pot to celebrate our anniversary since we had been wanting to try it then headed home to some ecstatic puppies. Right now, there is nothing better than coming home to those dogs. Pure happiness when they see us and relief they get to come inside too, let's be honest. 

We spent the 4th celebrating at my parent's pool. Luckily we live in the same neighborhood and when it's as hot as it is here day in and day out, it comes in handy having it so close! 

My Mom made a killer taco salad bar, but my Sister insisted it just wasn't American if we didn't have hot dogs too! Haha! I made a festive red, white and blue berry & angel food cake trifle and Neopalatin ice cream pops. In true American fashion, we made entirely too much food. God Bless America!
And yes, I made everyone wear a festive headband or hat for the picture and they happily did. Don't they look miserable though?!

Another busy summer weekend is coming up for us! I'm hoping to test out some paint samples (SW Repose Gray and SW Mindful Gray) I picked up for the house and hopefully come to a decision! Wish me luck...

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