That time I painted my bathroom twice in two days...

Monday, August 1, 2016

So in the midst of the chaos of painting our kitchen cabinets (all thousand of them) and updating our kitchen, I thought it would be a good idea this weekend to paint our 1/2 bathroom as well. #projectadd

I had 2 quarts of sample Sherwin Williams paint left and had been wanting to paint this bathroom anyways so I thought I'd just use that and go for it. Not a problem! I was loving how it turned out! Never underestimate a quart of paint I thought. 

Cue Sunday morning. I woke up and started cleaning up and removing the painters tape and I began noticing a few spots that needed to be touched up on the walls. 

Problem 1: I used all of the paint. 

Problem 2: I left the painters tape on too long and it took of some of the paint from the recently updated cabinets. 

I didn't completely lose it at this point. I thought no biggie, I'll get a color matched sample in town at Home Depot and use it to touch up. I would worry about the cabinets later. We ran and picked up another quart and when we got home my darling husband specifically told me to test it out in one spot before I painted all of the spots in case it didn't match and naturally I did the exact opposite. As it dried I could tell something was off. I waited an hour or so and went in to inspect it, and then came the real tears. It was not a match at all!!!
I know it's not the end of the world, it is just paint afterall, but I wasted my Saturday afternoon on this and it was basically for nothing.

To make matters worse I was already feeling off since my kitchen currently looks like this. That my friends is true life living in a house you are trying to remodel one step at a time. The lighting is off because we replaced the old ugly box lighting with can lights and they weren't all installed at this point. As soon as our cabinet is finished being built, we will be having it installed and a few other cabinets moved around, then the fun really starts...Next up will be lowering the bar area, new counter tops, vent hood, sink, faucet, and flooring! So soon this space will look quite different (the sooner the better!)

At least my helpers are cute.
To finish my story, I spent my Sunday afternoon repainting with the color matched quart and learned a hard lesson: Always buy extra paint so this doesn't happen on your next project!

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  1. That is the worst! But at least it is done now! And your helpers are precious :)


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