Easy S'Mores Upgrade

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm telling you what, you're not really camping, or living for that matter, if you don't enjoy a good S'more! Have you ever watched the Sandlot? If you haven't seen the S'more scene, you're missing out and need to right now! Although I prefer my mallows golden brown, not entirely flaming. Not that could entirely tell by the photo below...

Anyways, naturally over the years, I have tweaked the standard S'more recipe of graham cracker, chocolate bar, and marshmallow with a few different upgrades.

A few things we have tried include replacing the graham cracker with pretzel thins or switching the chocolate bar for hershey's caramel filled centers and various other candy bars. This weekend we packed Oreos to try which turned out fabulous when the Oreo cream center melted just slightly. Yum!

But I have to say, being a huge graham cracker fan as it is, my favorite combo so far has been switching out the chocolate bar for a Reece's peanut butter cup. I mean...
Another thing I will never understand is why people always wait until later in the evening to bust out the S'mores? The way I see it, when you want something in life, you've just gotta' go for it, hence my mid-day treat.

What's your favorite way to make S'mores?

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