Labor Day Weekend Camping

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Growing up, 3-day weekends were synonmous with camping. As I now have a Husband, 2 dogs, and a house and life of my own, sometimes things come up and we can't always make it. That has definitely been the case this year as we missed out camping over Memorial Day and the 4th of July weekend. Needless to say, after a few hectic months at work for both Ryan and myself, I was absolutely thrilled to get to join our family over Labor Day weekend at one of our favorite mountain spots! Away from cell service, technology, any real responsibilities or chores!
On Friday I got a surprise phone call from my little brother who asked if he and my little nephew could hitch a ride up with us. Ummm, yes! We were planning to take two cars anyways because we wanted to take the Jeep out and there was no way we could fit everything and 2 dogs in the Jeep alone. So he and Ryan rode up in the Jeep while I loaded up the truck and headed out with the baby and 2 dogs. I randomly threw in some old cds I came across and they turned out to be some of my best old tunes so we rolled the windows down, took in the mountain air and in a matter of an hour we arrived and were happy campers in the mountains.
The dogs were so well behaved, got to run and swim until their little hearts were content, and received plenty of love from everyone at camp! We bought this to help keep them contained in camp and it is the smartest, best purchase we have made in some time! They loved it and so did we.
Did I mention our dogs live a pretty rough life?
It was quite the memorable trip though with a little bit too much excitement for me! Ryan got stung by a bee right on his neck Saturday morning and I didn't realize how allergic he was. Since we've been together he was stung once on his arm and although it swelled up, I do not remember it being that bad! His whole neck swelled up and I was frantically looking for Benadryl (luckily I carry some in my wallet at all times since my allergy to walnuts!) 

My Dad busted out his backwoods first aid kid, circa about 1980 and we came across the sweetest forest ranger who supplied us with some topical insect Benadryl and that did wonders. It was a little nerve-wracking for awhile and I felt so bad for him.
Later that night, my Dad, me and Ryan took a Jeep ride to a lookout point and we were feeling on top of the world! Shortly after on our adventure we ended up getting stuck. Getting stuck in a Jeep isn't really a thing, except for some unknown reason our 4-wheel drive went out on us! We were basically stuck on the side of cliff/hill with no way out except to go back up the way we came. Thankfully, due to some expert driving, stick collecting, manual pushing, and the grace of God we made it out! It was funny because on the ride in I was sitting in the back taking in the breathtaking views, fresh air, listening to the guys talk and some George Strait on the radio, and I was literally thanking God in my head for that exact moment there with my Dad and Ryan. Then minutes later we found ourselves in the back country, close to dark, with a major equipment failure. I prayed we wouldn't have to hike out, and could care less about the jeep. I was just worried about all of us at that point. We tried for about 45 minutes; we were all exhausted and it was looking bleak. Then all of a sudden we pushed and were able to get unstuck from the dry dust and loose sheath rock and get back to the top of the hill. Praise God, I knew he had a hand in it! We all hugged and it was definitely a family team effort that I will never forget. By that time, we were all completely covered in dust, but so happy to be heading out of there on 4 wheels and not by foot.

We played lots of Mexican train dominoes, laughed, listened to my Uncle's hilarious 70's spotify playlist, ate some delicious food, and made memories we will never forget.
Mexican Train Dominoes
It was another successful weekend in the mountains with some of my favorite people!

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