Oh, Hello! + Catching Up

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Oh hi, world! I apologize in advance for the unintentional blogging hiatus...Even though it feels like I am constantly formulating and writing blog posts in my head, those thoughts haven't actually made it to this space of mine in what feels like an eternity. With that being said, let me jump right in! Here's a quick life update and to hoping that I can make this a regular checking in place again very soon.

I would love to bring you some better content and pictures, but alas, the dog dogs chewed up my actual camera (oops to me for totally leaving within their reach!) so instead here's a quick photo dump from my phone!

1 / Dad Retired
My Dad officially retired at the beginning of July so I organized a surprise retirement party for him to celebrate and honor his 33 years of service this past weekend! It all came together, I had lots of help and support of our amazing family and friends, and the best part was him pulling up and totally being shocked! I was actually surprised when I was scouring the internet for ideas there were not more retirement ideas out there, so perhaps I will do a proper recap in case there is a time you might need some ideas for the same type of celebration!
 2 / House Projects Galore
So the kitchen was the first of many projects on the inside of the house that I tackled which included a repainting our cabinets, redoing the counter tops, replacing the sink and getting a new stove. What has transpired since that is a whole other post! Hint hint, the list now includes a new dishwasher since ours gave out! Let's just say, I can lend quite a bit of advice if you're considering changing things up in your home or what you should consider before jumping right in like me and then totally wondering WHY!?
How we're all feeling about working on the house lately.
3 / Being Present + Content
I will blame some of my absence on the fact that I have been making a serious effort to be more present in all that I do. I have struggled a lot with being present on social media and sharing bits and pieces of our life while it is happening, but it has been so much less stress to always try and take that perfect picture with the just right caption to accompany it. Also, if I know I am having fun and living my best life, who really needs to know except maybe those that already know because they are living it with me, am I right?!
Truthfully, the constant house improvements and non-stop projects we have been doing and I keep dreaming up have actually forced me to have some serious conversations with myself about learning to embrace what IS and just be C O N T E N T. I feel like I am stuck in a never-ending cycle of spending my time changing things and looking towards what is next rather than enjoying and just living. I find myself saying, "Once I do this one thing, then this" and it keeps going on and on. Just owning and embracing it here because it is a work in progress, friends!

4 / Bocce League
Photos Via Rach
Our favorite local winery started a Bocce League and I convinced my hubby and our parents to join so that has added a little midweek fun to our schedules this summer. It's also grown into something much bigger as more friends and family joined so it's been a blast having some good ole' fashioned competition, sipping wine and not having to worry about dinner that night since they have an awesome food truck down there too! If you haven't played Bocce, Ohmygosh, you need to try it!

5 / Stitch Fix
I signed up for Stitch Fix and haven't looked back. I have so been enjoying my regular fix deliveries that arrive on my porch every few weeks! I had originally read about bloggers who were receiving personalized, styled boxes of clothes to their home and was intrigued, and then my best friend became a stylist for them so I decided that for $20 it was worth it to me to give it a shot and I have been so happy with my decision. If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix, I recommend it, especially if you are anything like me and I have zero motivation to actually go shopping and try on clothes and then usually leave disappointed because nothing fits! I just received my Fix #5 and ended up keeping all 5 items for a discount. If you're interested, check out their website and you can use my referral link to sign up here if you decide you want to try it like me!

6 / Essential Oils
So I also jumped on the oiling train a couple months ago, and although I can't say that oils have completely changed my life, I have loved incorporating them into my daily routine! I have been able to cut back on household cleaning products and instead now turn to my oils for common solutions or ailments. We use our diffuser every night to support good sleep and also it's the first thing I turn on when I walk in the house instead of lighting a candle now. I use Young Living for many reasons and my favorite go to oils that I always keep on hand are lavender, peppermint, stress away, and cedarwood! There are so many amazing resources out there, but if you are interested, feel free to reach out!
 7 / Fun
Ok, so I couldn't end this post without mentioning some of the fun we have been up to as well! It always seems like time flies in the summertime and I attribute that to there being so much to do this time of the year. We've both taken on more responsibilities at both of our jobs coupled with the endless house projects and other craziness that has taken place in the past few months, it has been hard for us to take a traditional getaway vacation like we usually take every year. Instead we have been able to getaway a few weekends for some camping with family and even some wine tasting to celebrate our 6th Anniversary!
Cheers to you if you made it this far. Thanks for reading! I will be back soon with more to share.